Sunday, March 21, 2010

Poppy Seed Challenge #2

Major A-HA! moment for me with this card!!  More about that later...

I'm making the Poppy Seed Challenge on time this week:

Another excuse to use new Papertrey goodies!  This time I wanted to use the Delightful Dahlia set - but I couldn't make it work with the button part of the challenge so I decided to put at least one of the GIANT buttons that come in Papertrey's vintage button packs to use:

Now the A-HA moment.  One of the first sets I bought from Papertrey was the Polka Dot Basics set.  It's a great set but soon Polka Dot Basics II came out and I began lusting after it's cute, cozy, smooshed together dots.  But my wishlist is far too long to buy another polka dot set so I've just had to make it work.

So when I stamped the first set of dots I said to myself, "self, it looks like there is enough room in between the dots to offset this stamp, stamp it again and make a bunch of cute, smooshed together dots".  So thinking I was so smart that's just what I did - only it doesn't come out looking anything like Polka Dot Basics II.  Dare I say I like it even better!!  Cute little lined up rows of dots!

Polka Dot Basics III (or maybe Polka Dot Basics 1.5) - you saw it here first folks!

Honestly, I'm sure I'm not the first one to figure this out but let me bask in the glow of discovery for just a minute more.

And just because I couldn't help myself at this point - I made another card with the Delightful Dahlia set (it just doesn't qualify for the challenge - no buttons):

For the record both of these cards were made on Soft Stone cardstock (although the first one looks off to me).

All Papertrey ;)


Nancy L. said...

what a great idea samantha!! and yes i saw it here first!! thats exactly what i think about getting the Polka Dots Basic 2 just can't afford it ;)

Laura.K said...

Wow. I love your polka dots 1.5. :-)

And your card are so nice, clean and simple.

Ingrid Danvers said...

Both cards are beautiful.

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