Monday, March 22, 2010

When you know they're going to throw it away...

Kids birthday cards probably always meet the trash can at some point, right?  So I hate to spend tons of time on them but they still need to be cute.

"Cute" isn't really a word I would use to describe by crafting style so I've been trying to find some appropriate stamp sets that I can use for kids cards.  And thanks to the clearance endcap at Target I just found a great one!  At 75% off - a mere $2.48 - this may just be one of my best stamping bargains ever.  Especially now that I've used it and been super duper happy with the results!

The set consists of quotes like this one along with a variety of kid-friendly images like the heart.  I just stamped and added the line around it with a black marker.  I love that black marker trick!  Either by hand for a messy look or with a ruler for a neat look - somehow it just makes things look "finished" to me.

The second one didn't photograph as well - the purple butterfly looks really light - but it's equally as cute in person.  Pinky swear.

And you certainly cannot argue with that quote!

Stamps:  Autumn Leaves
Ink:  Versafine, Colorbox

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